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Want to get book reviews, just follow my lead. I won’t have them all, but I will have some at least.

Latest from the Blog

The War that saved a life

I just fell in love when I started reading ‘The war that saved my life’, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. The story revolves around Ada, a girl with a clubfoot. She has to live in a little apartment with her cruel mother and little brother, Jamie.  Ada is a girl who has a clubfoot. Her cruel…


‘Wonderland’ is an adventurous and heartwarming book by Barbara O’Connor. The story takes place in Alabama. The four main characters are fearless Mavis Jeeter, worried Rose Tully, lonely Henry the dog and sad Mr. Duffy.  Mavis, Rose and Henry’s life intersect in the way they never expected. The book keeps changing from which character’s point…

Out of my mind

‘Out of my mind’ by Sharon M. Draper is about a girl named Melody, who suffers from cerebral palsy. This means she can’t talk, walk or write. She has a photographic memory and wants to participate with others, but that remains a dream as all her thoughts are stuck in her head. Her disabilities make…

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